ACA company is China’s key high and new technological company, has many sets of producing ceramics fiber production, the quantity of refractories product is 5,000ton per year, and covers silica calcium product 650-1000、ceramics fiber with four temperature grade of 1050、1260、1400、1600、light warm-keeping firebricks and heavy aluminum firebricks, and so on. The products are sold to 50 countries and areas of Asia, the U.S.,., Europe and are pleased to clients.
   Besides the high quality products, ACA also supplies the furnace lining designing, installation supervision and consulting service.

   ACA is able to help you: Minimize energy consumption, improve product quality, Reduce maintenance cost, and Maximize investment return.

The products include:

800-1600℃ ACAWOOL ceramic fiber blanket
800-1400℃ ACAWOOL ceramic fiber paper
800-1800℃ ACAWOOL ceramic fiber board
800-1600℃ ACAWOOL ceramic fiber bulk
800-1600℃ ACAWOOL ceramic fiber module
800-1400℃ ACAWOOL ceramic fiber cloth,tape,rope,wire
1260-1650℃ insulating firebrick and mortar
1400℃ ACAWOOL Ceramic Fibre Panel
1400℃ ACAWOOL Ceramic Fibre Coals
1400℃ ACAWOOL Glass mold

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